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The Green Solution.

Patient Safety

Patient Safety is ReNu Medical’s #1 priority. Our time-proven technology is a high-temperature, natural, water-based process. ReNu uses no chemicals or carcinogens that could damage devices or injure patients or care staff.
Cost Effective

ReNu Medical’s reprocessing technology provides 2-3 times additional cost savings over a sterilizing reprocessor’s toxic EtO process. Staff trust and acceptance of ReNu’s reprocessed devices are assured as devices look brand new and are guaranteed to work at the patient bedside.

ReNu’s High Level Disinfection (HLD) technology not only keeps devices out of landfills longer, but our GREEN technology is 100% non-toxic offering more FDA-cleared cycles, no harmful emissions, and significantly less landfill waste.

The only 100% GREEN, medical device reprocessing technology, specializing in DVT Garments, Pulse Oximeter Probes, Lateral Transfer Matts (such as Hovermatts®) and many other Single Use Devices (SUD’s) to maximize supply chain savings and waste elimination.

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ReNu Medical’s High Level Disinfection (HLD) is a 100% GREEN technology. ReNu's HLD uses a natural water-based process with no harmful or toxic chemicals and no dangerous air emissions.


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Frequently Asked


ReNu Medical’s HLD technology has been utilized in the healthcare industry for nearly 50 years. The process revolves around the high thermal conductivity of water and the ability to transfer heat to devices to kill pathogens.

The entire process is completed without the use of chemicals that degrade and break down the materials of the product, leave injurious residue, produce dangerous air emissions, or expose patients and caregivers to potential carcinogens.

Appropriate Disinfection

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More about HLD

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ReNu Medical provides High Level Disinfection reprocessing, a clinically based disinfection technology focused on patient safety, cost savings and environmental benefits.
We guarantee the highest quality products industry wide.

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Why choose sterilization for devices that don’t require sterilization?

HLD reprocessing technology saves more money, eliminates more waste and is safer for the patient…

Why should my facility use two reprocessing vendors?

Savings and waste reduction are maximized utilizing the appropriate method of reprocessing for specific devices. Two vendors allows facilities to maximize savings, with absolutely no staff confusion. Sterile reprocessor’s collect in the Operating Rooms and ReNu collects everywhere else.

Is your facility utilizing the appropriate method of disinfection for reprocessed devices?

Semi and Non-Critical SUDs such as sequential compression sleeves, SPO2 Pulse Oximeters, Tourniquets and Lateral Transfer Mats (HoverMatts®) are delivered non-sterile from the OEM, are normally not used in sterile environments, and do not require sterilization for re-use.
Click here to learn more about Spaulding Sterilization Classification.